Competition Vehicle Hire

Yes, we’ve even thought of that.

Tomcat for hire (3 available)


Land Rover based Tomcat with V8 engine and a choice of 3 with different configurations. Check out their page here or see their website at Tomcats have been available and hired on many occasions and the guys have some experience of both driving and hiring their vehicles.


There is also PEDRO

This is a SWB Shogun, rally prepared with all thmitsubishi_shogun_pinine basic stuff required. It is not a glamour car but it did complete the whole event two years ago in the hands of the UK’s fastest Cross Country drivers and they had a ball (that means great fun).
Fee is around the 500GBP mark cash, You pay for tyres damaged and fuel used. Damage to car by an OFF is negotiable with the owner. He wants you to come here and have some fun.

Image is not actual car