Tomcat Hire

Details sent by the tomcatguys in 2014, so check prices with them,

Rental prices for a Tomcat all inclusive for a day ranges from £1200 to £2000 depending on the specification of the vehicle.

For £1200 per whole day, one gets the “basic one” 4L TVR 5 gear R380 box upgrated brakes, Bilteins.

For £2000 per whole day, one gets the full spec Team Tomcat Specification 4L TVR paddle shift, Diff lock, double shocks, upgraded 4 piston brakes all round.

Fee includes:

  • Fuel
  • Day time refreshments during event,
  • Service crew
  • Access to spares as needed to get one through on the “you pay what you brake” basis.
  • These prices are for whole days but of course if its a 3 day event and some days are shorter fee is negotiable.