Motorsport Spectator Safety

Plearally safety videose look at the video link, in the last two years over 25 spectators have died at rally events, we do NOT wish you and Iceland to become part of these statistics.

Rally Safety Video

Please Note, in Iceland (as in other countries) all Rally motorsport is sanctioned by the issue of permits, one of which is from the Lögreglan  (Police). The officials at a rally have the legal power to ask you to move and not to interrupt the safety of the event. To continue to interrupt the event or imped the safety of others is a criminal offence.

Watch the video and enjoy our sport, why not come and marshal and be up close to the action and atmosphere.

OK , now you can find out where we are in 2018, read on.

If you wish to go into the stage to watch, you must be in the stage before the course opening and public road closure car enters the stage.

This official car will enter the stages at least 1 hour before the 1st competitor.

You can not depart from within the stage until the closing car marked E has past your location.

Note; the flying of any drone or similar aircraft within 100m of the rally stage, requires a permit from the organisers. Flying drones etc over the public is forbidden in Iceland, without proper prior permits.

You can get a copy of the Route description and Roadbook from the Front Page
A map and stage times is in this publication.

Motorsport Safety is EVERYONE’S responsibility