About the Event and the Team

Welcome to Iceland to rally in 2017
Mini Icelandic All Terrain Rally,

It is true that Iceland has organised and run an event for Cross Country vehicles in the past, known as the Icelandic Cross Country Rally, mainly brought about by Steini McKinstry and his boys. Then there was a small one day event, with over 100k of special stages.The following UK guys, that came to watch but ended up driving, thought the stages were just awesome. Ask Dan Lofthouse the 2013 MSA British Cross Country Championship. Johnnie Drysdale 2nd in the 2014 Scottish Borders Hill Rally, Iain Rochelle, Chris Hammond (both renowned UK and Baja drivers) , Chris Ratter DAKAR truck driver, Adam Entwhistle zero car co-driver, Martin Gould one of the UK’s fastest off road drivers and not to be forgotten Tony Rae – navigator extraordinaire. Unless you go on Dakar you probably will never experience stages like these, and we are a lot lot more affordable than going to Dakar!

Why Iceland, it’s so far North? Well yes the top of Iceland is only some 20 kilometres from the Arctic Circle but the South is treated to the remaining warmth of the gulf stream, we can reach temperatures of +25C in the summer, but not often! Besides we have abundant geothermal energy with which to warm you, either indoors with efficient central heating or outdoors in natural hot pools or modern swimming pools. We are just 2 hours flight from the UK with 5 main carriers flying into Keflavik, voted Europe’s best airport. Flights from other EU cities are plentiful and 3 to 4 hours maximum duration. Vehicle transport is a simple process from Immingham or other EU ports. Other reasons for Iceland, as a motorsport venue for you to consider is; our love of motorsport and the truly unique official highland track network available to event organisers. So long as we use the official list of tracks and stay off the delicate countryside, we can provide you with an almost endless matrix of stages, from short and technical to long flowing Dakar style.

To further help you make the decision to test the extreme, we have have an agreement with Eimskip, our shipping partners, to provide return shipping and entry fee for a single price. The price is discounted from January and rises each month, so the earlier you buy the cheaper it is. Experience now tells us to let you folks arrange your own flights and accommodation – just one suggestion! Do it now while the prices are lower. Keep the airline booking browser open while you decide, if you go back later from the same ISP the price will rise, funny that!

Iceland harnesses the natural wealth trapped beneath the surface and with hard work and technology provides some of the cheapest energy in the world. Not surprising then that Iceland hosts some of the leading software companies, has a near zero carbon footprint and accommodates many international companies. There are not many countries where you can walk past the President’s house or look him up in the phone book. With high standards of living and a healthy energetic love of sport and the great outdoors these two rallies will be keen additions in the Islander’s calendar. Reykjavik has more than 16 swimming pools, most with hot tubs, so there is no excuse not to relax. 

In 2017 we will run two Icelandic All Terrain Rallies, one in April 30th and a two day event in September on the15th and 16th.  These two events are open to 4x4s (jeepa) Bikes, Quads and Buggies.

We look forward to shaking your hand here in Iceland and introducing you to the best 4×4 playground you could wish for. We try to rally responsibly so our sport is available for future generations of rally enthusiasts. In 2017 Iceland is expected to surpass 2.5 million tourist visitors be one of a few who do it with style, come and experience what the Icelandic All Terrain Rallies and Iceland have to offer.

From all of us at MMI, have a happy and safe 201,  Motorsport Management Iceland ehf

THE TEAM (guys with maybe too much spare time)
Tryggvi M. Þórðarson has been the Clerk of the Course for Rally Reykjavik and the FIA Alternative Energies Cups for many years. He helped organise the HERO visit to Iceland and will help their return visit in 2015. Tryggvi has a passion for motorsport and Iceland but is not lost in the romantic notions of either. He’s a very successful retail software programmer and business owner. father of 3 and watching his youngest begin his tentative carrier in rally, in the office chair. The other son helps at the rallies, often carrying out the less thankful but import tasks. His daughter is abroad so is saved this mayhem life!

Ian Sykes will be known to many in the UK as the `Father of the Scottish Hillrallies’. Ian and Frances moved to Iceland in 2010. They have competed in Rally Reykjavik for nearly 12 years. He just can’t seem to get stop trying to organise 4×4 rallies!

Hjalti Bjarnfinnsson is the Icelandic scrutineer. He covers many disciplines and is well respected here. He brings his own unique blend of humor and strictness to the scrutineering bay. Don’t be shy in asking him for advise he and the rest of us want you to drive and have fun – BUT safely.