New for 2016

sketch1The 2016 All Terrain Rally is more BaJa style, in that we have invited the bikes, quads and some ATV’s to apply for entry. Note the ATV’s must have passed an Icelandic MOT (skoðun) and have insurance, best to contact us if you wish to use one of these. The bikes and quads fall under the Icelandic Motorcycle and Snowmobile Association rules, we will be guided by their expertise.

The 2016 event will be over 2 days but the middle night will not return to Reykjavik, don’t worry it is not camping we have proper Highland hospitality waiting. For driver and co-driver Dinner, Meat Soup supper and B&B is included in the entry fee, as it is for the single competitor (bike/quad).

The entry fee includes the above. For a proportional amount extra, you can book Supper B&B for your service crew, but you do need to book and pay for them before the rally.

The final stage on Saturday we expect to be 65 kilometres long.