Entry Fees

Entries close at 22:00hrs Saturday 9 September and only the first 50 entries will be accepted). Entry fee doubles if not paid for by 22:00 hrs on Saturday 9th September 2017.

Two person entry in either of the following (no discount for single person entry)
Buggy 25000 isk (we advise 2 persons but you can stay alone, same fee)
Jeepa (4×4 vehicle) 25000 isk (Mandatory two person entry)

Single person entry on either of the following
Bike 12500 isk
Quad 12500 isk

Entry fees include; for single or double person entries

  • Event Entry
  • AKIS or MSI fee
  • Road book
  • Prizes (if you do well!)

See Application form and payment portal is on the AKIS website Regulations are on this site, questions please contact us.