Marshals and staff

Welcome to the 2018 Icelandic All Terrain Rally. I

If you would like to help our event please contact or call 6626389.
Here are some task and there time scale you can help us with.
Stage Marshall (both start and finish ends)
This requires a team of at least 3 people a the Finish and 2 or 3 at the Start. [More always makes it easier and fun]
In-Stage Marshals
You will need a 4×4 but not a SuperJeep (you can use a superjeep but it is not essential). You are given a location, which you MUST STAY AT, you record the vehicles as they pass your location on a check sheet. We may call you for this information so we can track a lost competitor. If there are two or more we would also like you to film and photo the competitors as the pass. We will use these images in promotional video on Motors TV for 2018 events.
Road Closure Official
We need a few teams of 1 or 2 persons, who will control and enforce the road closure regulations and permits. Best if you speak Icelandic, not easily upset and can be strict but not aggressive (tall order? No not really).  You stop the public, non event traffic, from entering the live stage. If they do, an accident can occur and they will be liable under law.